Having confidence to know there is

PROFIT in a deal is paramount


Invest where it makes sense...


Securing an investment property is extremely complex and most investors will experience a level of anxiety in choosing the right one. With so many considerations, it is no wonder why many investors seek closer to home opportunities. However, we priorities performance over proximity and treat property investing as a business. Although technically not fixed, holding costs are mostly predictable as are voids,  unexpected repairs and long term replacements. Therefore, with careful planning, it is reasonable to consider profitability can be predicted with a high level of accuracy. Yet, why is it we regularly meet clients, both new and active, who have not calculated their real rate of return?

Its all in the numbers

Property investors should be absolutely certain of performance and profit margin. But this is not as simple as it seems! Predicting future capital growth rates, year in year out, is impossible and although long term growth is considered likely, not all property appreciates equally. 

Why UK


Our investment model is high rental income based and does not rely on capital appreciation to profit. For the average cost of a deposit in Melbourne, you are able to purchase a UK property outright, returning between 10 - 15% in rent per year. This low point of entry and very high rate of return (yield) affords and very unique and safe opportunity. That is why Buyer Agent Plus invests in the UK. It is an affordable and predictable way to increase household income and improve long term wealth. Further,  there is comfort knowing you'll not be left with a huge mortgage to cover in the event of an empty property. 

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