SJAGENCY provides more than just investment strategies.

Through bespoke analysis & tailored market guidance, my vendor support service delivers assured strategies and decisive results.

Professional consultancy to challenge whether an investment property continues to meet your goals.

From experience, I often hear stories where investors divest too early, when perhaps holding or restructuring would have been predictably advantageous. Equally, I regularly meet investors who unfortunately acquired, and continue to hold, under performing property in hope of future recovery. 

Whether buying or selling, my first step involves better understanding return potential. This clear understanding is fundamental to your success and is my investment definition. I believe in holding strong performing real estate for the long term, but also understand investment goals evolve and the need to Divest can arise from time to time. 

Independent and honest support to protect your best interests.


Expert market analysis, strategic advice and client management consistently delivers results:

  • Personal review to assess whether a property continues to meets your investment goals

  • Strategic insight to determine the strongest sale method 

  • Independent market analysis & appraisal of your property

  • High impact preparation including luxury furniture hire & professional photography

  • Optimum marketing channels to effectively reach your ultimate buyer

  • Legal introduction for appropriate contract preparation

  • Agent review & appointment negotiation

  • Regular performance review to assess campaign effectiveness 

  • Negotiation consultation to achieve the strongest price and term outcome 

Real Estate Advisory


We draw on extensive experience in the
real estate business to ensure decisions are sound and
free clients from uncertainty and risk.

Thinking of selling, where should you start?

Firstly, I urge you to understand why you are considering selling. This is my go to question for any client or friend who may be considering their options. Of course, each of us have different goals and objectives. We are all at different stages of life and there is no two senarios the same. Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, divesting, buying your first-second or third home, your outlook is 100% unique and requires careful planning to achieve the best outcome. Early in your consideration you will most certainly benefit from expert legal, tax, financial and property advice. Equally you should completely understand your cash flow and buffer forecasts to saftely navigate through any transition. Ultimatley, my advice is to surround yourself with a trusted team of experts who are absolutely committed to your outcome. They must fully understand want you are looking to achieve and listen to every detail. This is my first step with every new client, where I personally spend time to see the world through their eyes and tailor the best approach.

Private Sale or Auction

Based on experience we suggest start with educating yourself. There are many different sale strategies and it is importnat to understand which method is better suited to achieve your specific goals. Ultimately, you are going to need a team of professionals to improve your chance of success and to safe guard your best outcome. Of course, we offer a range of unique investor related services, but we suggest you find a partner that you are compatible with and you trust will deliver decisive results. Although you could sell a home on your own, it makes far more sense to partner with a company that regularly goes through the process, ironed out all the creases and able to execute your plan more effieciently.

How do I work out my return on investment?

There are different ways to present/intepret this answer. However, SJAGENCY presents ROI as a percentage, measured by dividing your net annual profit into the original cash first required to acquire the asset. This can get difficult to calculate, especially with negatively geared properties and when determining the future rate of capital appreciation. Not to mention the variety of taxes which may be applied. Without doubt this is very complex and, in our experience, sellers are rarely able to provide an accurate performance assessment. However, we believe EVERY home owner should be absolutely certain of their rate of return before, during and post ownership. Should this apply to you, reach out for assistance. We are more than happy to help or connect you to accurately understand your position.

Should I sell my investment property?

All circumstances are different, but one of the first questions we ask in response, what are you going to do with your proceeds? In other words, why are you selling? The reason we ask is because it is our mission - to help investors uncover safe opportunities to achieve assured and decisive returns and know there are so many factors to align to realise maximum value. But before you activate an expensive sale campaign, we believe its best to first completely understand the current performance of your property. When this is clearly presented, often the answer is clear. Of course all profiles and unique, but assuming the motivation is performance related, when presented with precise analytics and likely performance, the chance of future success is significantly improved.




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